Day 38: Sunday Funday, SoCal Edition

Should I list the things I did today via a list? Those are fun (and just lazy blogging).

  1. Church
  2. Home
  3. Lazing and watching Bar Rescue
  4. Hamburgers + Pool Time + Family Time + USA v. Portugal World Cup Time (Meow.)
  5. Home
  6. Run 2.7 miles (while I thought about how on earth I ran 13.1 miles 4 months ago)*
  7. Home

If you didn’t read my post about Sundays a couple of weeks ago, you should. Sundays are really up to your own interpretation, but ultimately it’s a day of rest and spending time with your people.

*Vacation running is hard, y’all. It’s a whole new environment. It’s exciting because it’s new and different. And it can be scary if you’re not properly prepared. Vacation running is also eye-opening because running in said “new environment” gives you perspective on things you routinely do and spins it around a bit. Running for me had been so routine. I woke up, ran to Town Lake, and I would run back. I knew the route, I knew my obstacles (and I knew where all of the water fountains were). It gets pretty passive after a while. Then I come to a new place and everything has to be reconfigured. I have to be more alert and aware. While running, I imagined myself creating a new life here and I’m like, “everything would have to be reconfigured. Hmm, ok.”

Yes, I parallel running with my life (as a whole) a lot because our lives are just a bunch of analogies and parallels. While this thought is kind of a “duh” moment: theorizing about a new life in your home-base is very different when you’re experiencing it firsthand.

Does this mean I don’t ever want to leave Texas? No, anything is up for grabs. I’ve learned this the hard way. But does it give me more perspective than when I would sit at home and think about a life here on the west coast? Yes, absolutely.

EVERYTHING IS ABOUT PERSPECTIVE. Maybe my blog will just be about perspective. Here’s a thing: perspective is in constant flux.

Every time something comes to a close, I do some hard thinking. This is my nature. Camp is all fun and games until you realize, “Wait…it’s almost over.”

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