Day 37: Brekky, Naps, and Free Day


thutexas thugoeswest antique

So today I’m a tad too winded to post the pictures that I took. I promise that I will go back and add them in. The irony of this statement is that today was free day. What does that mean? It means reading, the World Cup (sorta), sassy breakfast, and falling asleep in the back patio. It also meant going to an antique store to discover and rediscover things like real-wood furniture, old cash registers, and a boar head. Seeing old things remind me and make me ask myself how different life was back when *insert antique here* was created.

Now things change at mostly an instantaneous pace, the patience threshold we once had is shortened. This makes me want to force myself to just stop, take a breath (or 20), embrace, and really think before I let my brain get disrupted by the closest thing to me. We’ll get there when we get there.

I’m by no means good at this patience thing. Being in that transitional generation when the internet was first introduced, I feel like I have understanding between those two worlds (pre- and post-Internet era). At the same time, I’m growing up in this post-Internet era, and it sometimes dominates my once-patience-pre-Internet brain. Why did this blog post end up being about patience and the Internet? Oh yeah, antiques. Antiques and listening to Lord Huron…it makes a girl think deeply.

Happy Summer Solstice and good night.

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