Day 36: Beach Day!

Camp Damata activity day: beach day!!!!!

thutexas beach

PTH = peak tanning hours.

Survival of the Sickest is what I’m currently reading a la mi hermano. Am I cultured because I used both spanish AND french in that sentence? I’m probably doing it wrong huh? Some of the science goes over my head, but I love it because I’m learning a lot. You guys know I love non-fiction books.

coronado beach thutexas

The infamous Hotel. I hear it’s haunted.

I found my calling.

I found my calling.

Grave-digging, hole-digging, whatever- I found my calling. It’s not advertising or communications (no way), it’s digging. But really, I had too much fun digging a large sand pit. I didn’t do it alone, which makes it even cooler and more camp-like.

There's gold in the sand. Wut.

There’s gold in the sand. WHAT. Yeah.

miguel's thutexas

Fish tacos at Miguel’s. Oh, and a margarita.

I really enjoyed Miguel’s! It kind of reminds me of Chuy’s, but I’m not in Texas so it’s not Tex-Mex. Tex-Mex is just different (and amazing). They did, however, have queso, which was a pleasant surprise. The fish tacos were grrrreat!
Imagine being 25 minutes away from this. It kind of makes me sun-exhausted thinking about it…but it’s because I’m actually sun exhausted. Y’all, this is the best camp ever. Camp Damata rules so hard.

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