Day 35: Adventure

Today in the Camp Damata agenda: Adventure Time.

breakfast burrito thutexas

Bacon Breakfast Burrito from Taco Rey, YUM.

balboa park

Balboa Park. Yeah. That’s real.

MOPA thuexas

Ansel Adams is pretty cool

thutexas coffee and tea collective

Drink Cold Brew at Coffee & Tea Collective

thutexas acai bowl

Swami Cafe’s Acai Bowl (to-go) in La Mesa. Nix the bee pollen- it’s too green.

I turned into the girl that takes selfies in front of public parks. Yeah, sometimes I’m too scared to ask other people to take a photo of me…but I know I’ll get over it because I’ve got a long way to go on this trip. I’m also that girl who takes voluntarily takes surveys in a park to help a research assistant. I’ve been in his shoes, it’s not fun. You have to help out people, you know?

Okay. I’m trying to make this brief, but I may or may not go back and add in the details. I get it now, travel bloggers. I get it when people travel and say they don’t have time to blog. Sometimes I feel like blogging gets in the way just like how I feel that taking photos can get in the way.

And here’s something: I miss Texas. No, I actually just miss Austin. A lot. Like more than I thought I ever would. A lot of the things I see around here are very different from Texas, even down to the trees (I’ll have to include a picture of those “bizarre-looking” trees later). I love being here, I love San Diego, but I know it- I love Austin, Texas. Or maybe I’m just scared and wanting the comfortable and familiar (San Diego also has a lot of highways). Why am I having these deep thoughts at 11PM? Oh yeah, that’s just me on the reg. Until tomorrow, I leave you with this: we talked a lot about barf today.*

*Because I feel like I have to leave this post on a light note.
Not pictured: Sushi dinner, post-card writing, couch-lounging, and girl talk.

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