Day 34: Camp Damata

Today’s agenda in Camp Damata features: Dino chicken nuggets, french fries, mac ‘n’ cheese, and the Lego movie.

There’s actually a lot more that happened in between…and also nothing. It’s the perfect camp. I attempted to go on a run, heavy emphasis on attempt. The first leg of my “route” was like Enfield on steroids. Then there were just hills peppered throughout the neighborhood because the neighborhood is atop a mountain. It’s totally fine. The bright side of this treacherous struggle is that in San Diego, they have 61 degree mornings.


That had to be a statement on its own because if you’re from Texas, you know that it’s not even a possibility at this time of month. Something would have to be seriously crazy (e.g. pigs flying) for there to be a 61 degree morning. Granted, we’ve had some pretty weird weather this year…but yeah, I like you San Diego weather, I like you a lot.

thutexas hill

Hill, I don’t like you.

I should probably mention that I’ve never actually been to summer camp, which is partially why we’ve got this Camp Damata theme going on. Tomorrow’s Camp itinerary features adventure. Stick around for pictures, it’s gonna get wild y’all.

Note to self: try to score some post cards to send home. That’s what kids do at camp, right? The most ideal of camp situations would be for my person to be here with me. To go on adventures and to enjoy this weather…but “life is not a wish-granting factory.” And I can’t complain nor can I ask for more. I’ve been far too blessed. #blessed

Oh! A part of today’s Camp itinerary was also the farmers market! I love going to the farmers market, because I love seeing what’s in season and also…cookies. YES, I went to the farmers market and I bought cookies. They looked delicious and I thought to myself, “what other sugars can I put in my body aside from the massive amount of candy and soda I’ve already had?”

thutexas santee market

This is camp…or at least Camp Damata. Tomorrow, adventure and I’m very excited. Have y’all been following my tweets? Because y’all should (@thutexas). They’re my real time “blogging” thoughts. Twitter is just convenient like that. Then, at the end I collect my thoughts and regurgitate and flush out my day onto here.

Everything is awesome. Everything is cool when you’re part of a team. la la la la this song will be stuck in my head for the next 24 hours.

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