Day 28: More Travel Expenses

My thumbnail is totally unrelated to the title of my post, I’m breaking all of the blog rules. #blogrebel…or at least, I try.

Today, I bought all of my tickets that go up and down and back home.
More travel expenses. I feel exhausted and that trip hasn’t even begun. As the weekend comes creeping behind the corner, I know I have to buckle down, solidify a list, and start packing.

Why is packing such a pain?
Packing up to move (which is something I would never wish upon my enemies).
Packing up to go on vacation.
Packing a lunch (okay, this is not that bad, but I needed a third one to finish my dramatization).

The first two, the first one alone is a pain. I know it will be worth it, but I also know I have to choose very carefully what I pack as I know I want to bring back goodies home. Whether it’s coffee beans or t-shirts, it’s going to take up some space.

The goal of packing: MINIMAL.
The result: Usually overpacking. It’s why I’m coming up with a list. So I can check stuff off. And so that I can remember everything when I leave from one place going to another.

I’m hopping on and off planes, and I guess I’m making up time for all of the years that I haven’t stepped on one.

So, what should I absolutely bring? What has changed with TSA? I still take off my shoes right? What are travel faux pas? Needless to say, I’ve been watching a lot of “Travel Tips” videos on YouTube.

It’s coming so soon, thanks for reading and continuing this journey with me. Post-grad life is nothing I ever imagined it would be.

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