Day 27: Travel Expenses and Target

Tacking on more travel expenses, I’m officially going to Seattle via Virgin Airlines.

I’m stoked because I’ve never been to Seattle and I’ve never flown Virgin. I hear good things.

Trying to figure out where you’re going and how you’re getting there? It’s “the pits.” Yes, I know it will be worth it. Yes, I know I won’t get the chance to do this again. It’s just all very taxing. I’ve been looking at the climate differences, however, and that gives me a little burst of energy to keep it going.

This is on the beginning…not even the real beginning. This is like the pre-beginning. I can’t wrap my brain around the fact that I’m actually going and it feels very surreal.

thutexas target

To bring myself back to earth-level (because otherwise I would still be daydreaming), today I went to Target to get a maxi-skirt. I ended up getting: travel things, sandals, a crop top, razors, chocolate…and a maxi-skirt. Target slays me every time. “Ooh, I need this…I don’t need it, but I want it…let’s get it,” I tell myself as I walk up and down the Target aisles. I almost got my travel journal, but I’m far too picky. I don’t like lined-notebooks. It’s just not my thing. What do they have at Target? Lined-notebooks. I need to get a move on if I want a travel journal before I leave though…

Today is been a large spending day. I HOPE YOU’RE HAPPY. My wallet isn’t.

How I’m feeling: A touch tired, but ready for adventure. Okay, I’m not. I’m not ready to figure things out, a non-refundable says, “deal with it.”
Where I’m going: Soon? Seattle (among other places).

P.S. I found out that we’re going to the San Diego county fair and I’M STOKED. Do people say that in California? Will they smell the Texas in me? I don’t care. Y’all know me. I love Texas.

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