Day 24: “I can’t even”

I can’t even…begin to explain how much I don’t like when people say “I can’t even” and don’t finish the sentence.
I don’t like it so much…that my cousin and I began saying it ironically. In the last 72 hours, it’s become an inside joke. Somehow it feels wrong…but I can’t EVEN stop saying it. So I guess I get it now (or something).

Yeah, I did it again. When I’m writing a post late. Surprisingly, I’ve had the time to write one. I’ve been less busy with errands to do, which is why I guess I stop doing things I should be doing (i.e. daily blogs). I wonder how hard it’s going to get when I go on my next trip (i.e. California). We’ll see I guess.

I’m feeling relaxed, and a little lazy. It’s good I guess because this will make myself work harder for the rest of the week. Tomorrow (Monday), I leave Dallas to go back home. BUT I’m making a stop in wonderful Austin, Texas for a special thing! I can’t wait to write about it and I just want to write about it now. Yeah, I’m gonna do it but you have to read Monday’s post to get the whole schpiel. Today I’m picking up my vinyl crate! It was made for me, commissioned by my brother a la Petrified Designs. OH I’M SO STOKED.

 Dallas Eats:

  • Jeng Chi. For dumplings!
  • Central Market. Just because.
  • Zenna’s. For Thai food!
  • Raising Cane’s. Because of tradition.

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