Day 23: Binge-Watching and an Outing

I know, I did one of those things where I didn’t blog on time. I’m sorry. But now you get to sit, watch Sons of Anarchy and read my blog posts!

…Because that’s what I did on Day 23. The majority of my day was watching 8 episodes of Sons of Anarchy, eating Raising Cane’s, and hanging out with my Dallas cousins.

thutexas family

Family Love

If you don’t already know, if I haven’t said anything about it, let me tell you know: I love my family. My cousins, especially. We grew up together, we napped together, we Thanksgiving together, and we drink together. They’re like my extended brothers and sisters. Bless each of their souls.

ANYWAY, enough of my blabbering about my awesome family. As I said, most of my day was my butt glued to a bed. It only became unglued when I was hungry. Isn’t that what summer is about? A little tangent on summer: I never thought that I would have a post-senior summer. So, bless the market? But for real, bless the market…so that I can get hired. This post is very scatter-brained so I apologize again…because I’m typing and watching Sons of  Anarchy again. Whoops, it’s addicting y’all.

Dallas, THE STOP!

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