Day 22: Dumplings and a Studio Tour

Shame on me for not getting a picture of the massive amount of dumplings we ate for dinner today. It was massive, like a lot. Dumplings on dumplings on dumplings. I don’t eat dumplings often, but I think I love dumplings.

Houston, TX > Dallas, TX

I’m here to visit my cousins, and I took a studio tour! I went to ReelFX Studio (they have one in Santa Monica). Long story, short: Someone at ReelFX saw my Pixar project, and liked it yada yada yada I got a tour of this really cool studio. Artists, production people, lighting, surface, sound- the whole she-bang. I’ve never gotten a studio tour. It’s so inspiring, very non-corporate.

At the studio, I actually learned that they’re making this film called The Book of Life, which is a movie based off of Dios De Los Muertos. The pictures are vibrant and incredibly beautiful. What I learned (but still can’t imagine) is the amount of detail they put into each and every shot. It’s unbelievable. I’m gonna post the trailer below, I think I’m gonna go see it when it comes into theatres.

The timing seem to align for me today because I actually met the Head of HR of ReelFX and a person who works in the Marketing Department (sidenote: I want to work in the marketing department). They were both very real and very sweet. They told me like it is, but also gave me a sense of hope?

Thinking about it…today has been a pretty great day. I mean, I don’t think I’ve had an absolute terrible day since I’ve started doing these post-grad daily blogs. I’m bragging, but that’s rare right? Or is the self-help book that I read putting things into perspective and all of my days are becoming bad ass? I don’t know, but I’m going to soak it all in.

Oh! And watch this trailer! Look at the colorsssss,

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