Day 21: Exploration Expansion

booties thutexasIt seems like I may be tacking on some more destinations to my trip. This may or may not include Portland and Seattle.

So it’s not only #thucali, but also #thuoregon and even #thuwashington. Get it? It’s like I’m going TO there. Because I am. Not only TO those places (travel), but Thu (me). Or is that lame? Whatever, I’m going with it. Owning it.

Do I have an actual plan for my trip? No, no I don’t. And while some people have a mini-heart-attack without a plan (usually that’s me), some people are excited (who I’m becoming). It’s kind of a cop-out, because sometimes you really should make an executive decision and stick to it. Spoiler alert: I mostly don’t have a plan because this accurately reflects my life (no plan).

On this note. One of the most horrid (a tad exaggerate) thing a parent, relative, neighbor could ask of an almost or recent grad is: “So what’s your plan?” Without any sort of light banter or easing into the situation, they just straight up ask.

I wrote everything above at around 11am this afternoon? I was feeling much more enthusiastic and opinionated at the time…this conversation about “the annoyances of being a grad” will have to continue later. It’s mostly insecurity. Asking that question makes me feel insecure, not comfort. 

Now I just feel exhausted. Tomorrow, adventure. A mini one anyway. To Dallas I go, tomorrow. G’night. Leave suggestions as to where I should go. I hear Mudsmith is nice…


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