Day 19: Spending Time Wisely

Arguably, I spent my time wisely today. To me, spending time wisely means being with people you love, and forgetting your watch (Yes, I wear a watch and I use it. I’ve got a mad watch tan to prove it too).

How I’m feeling today: Tired, I’ve been out today for the most part. Being out, even if you’re inside a vicinity is tiring.
What I did today:

  • Coffee routine (I’m one of those people).
  • Have you ever watched YouTube on a TV screen? It’s kind of a game-changer. Who/What do I watch on YouTube? Mostly It’sGrace, Hannah Hart, and the Shaytards. Get educated.
  • Finally got to pick up my Jimothy! He’s nice and smooth now. Love your car, take care of it- your wallet will thank you later. …But then there are just those times when your car is do for X, Y, Z and you just have to throw down some money.
  • Hurried over to La Madeleine’s during lunch hour and had a 2-3 hour lunch with one of my favorites, E.K. Sun. College graduated and we still talked about our high school friends. I told Eric that I would document our whole conversation on here so that I could remember it when he asked me to write his memoir. I think I’ll remember it. There isn’t much to say…let me rephrase, there isn’t much I’m allowed to say. He has strict book rules. Here’s what I can say: we talked about plans, jobs, interviews, management, schools, and case studies. Doesn’t that sound riveting? There may have been a conversation about social interactions and drinking. I can’t disclose that.
  • Went over to the nursing home where my grandma is staying and read her The Fault In Our Stars. She doesn’t understand english, but I thought just hearing a voice would help. Ran into my cousin at the nursing home so we talked while we watch our sweet grandmother. Today she actually spoke. It was only two words, BUT that’s more than I’ve gotten from her in the last 4 days. Apparently she’s a vampire- she’ll sleep all day and talk and tell stories all night.

It’s been tiring. A lot of talking was done today.
What will I do tomorrow: No idea.
Where am I going: Probably to the dining room to eat dinner.
What I’m reading: The Fault In Our Stars for a second time because it’s coming out this Friday and I like crying.

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