Day 18: Longer than I Thought

  1. It took longer than I thought to fix my poor Jimothy (my car). He’s getting old. Somehow all of the things that need to get taken care of, need to get taken care of- my wallet hurts.
  2. It took longer than I thought for my mom to come back to work. This resulted in me working a full day. I know this sounds bratty. Okay, this is very bratty. I’m going to make this excuse: I was not ready to work a full day (mentally or physically). My attitude wasn’t in the right place, but now that I know I probably have to work more and help more, I’ll be able to deal.
  3. It might take longer than I think for all of my parent’s customers to realize that I graduated college. No, I’m not still in high school. Also no, I’m not in college. No, I don’t have a plan. No, just because I’m taking a break, this doesn’t mean I’ve given up. Small talk is sometimes the worst. I need to somehow turn this around, I’m going to be doing a lot of small talk.
  4. I hope it doesn’t take long for me to get myself over to the theatre and cry my eyes out. The Fault In Our Stars is going to be out this Friday and um, I need to see it asap. tfios thutexas

Not sure if this ‘theme’ worked out, but after working a full day today with other external stress factors- I’m wiped out. I also ran, so that contributes to exhaustion. Please excuse this crap post, I’ll be more refreshed tomorrow.

Also, please pray for my grandma. I would write about her today but re: I’m wiped out.

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