Day 16: Lectures & A Party

Saturdays as of late have been quite busy for me. My weekends have also been filled with wedding-esque things.
Last weekend I went to a wedding, this weekend I went to an engagement. I have about 4 minutes until I’m late again. Crap.

How I’m feeling today: A little lost. Just a touch. More can be explained as I tell you what I did today.
What I’m doing today: Woke up, had my coffee, and helped out my parents at work. It was bound to happen…and I know it’s going to happen for the next 2 weeks: he asked me what my plans are, what I’m doing about jobs, then went into lecturing me about gender roles and how I should go about looking for a job. I’m not saying I know everything. With that said, it’s not like I haven’t gone down the job-hunt path. It’s frustrating, but I just have to get through these next 2 weeks.

After helping my parents, I went to Target and ran into my friend Hannah! What a coincidence. It was a serious shocker. It was nice too, but shopping at Target with friends is the best idea…

Following Target, I went to my cousin’s engagement party. Food. Formal. Frow up. I actually mean throw up, but I was going on with a team here. Don’t worry, it wasn’t a party foul or anything- it was just a sweet little girl with a stomach virus (probably). It was partially nice because everyone was so busy with commotion that they didn’t ask me about myself! Beating the system, one throw-up and engagement at a time.

I’m a boring person and while I wish I was in ATX partying up with my friends for one last hoorah- I’m here typing this blog post. It’s all good, I really don’t mind. Note: It just turned 12AM, but I’m going to count this as valid because I started blogging before the day ended.
Where I’m going: To bed. zzzzzzzzzz
What I’m reading: I was reading a list of books to get, I’m trying to buy one for a friend…and maybe one for myself. What if I finish Creativity, Inc. before I get on a plane?

Boom. Done. Blogging everyday is hard.  How many more days again? (36)

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