Day 15: Make A Splash

Because if you don’t, how will people know you’ve arrived? This is metaphorically speaking of course…but maybe this is literally speaking too. I don’t know, what do I know? I’m feeling everything out.

How I’m feeling today: For a Friday, today has sure been eventful.
What I’m doing today: I was telling Caroline earlier that if we were still in high school, we would be sleeping past 11am or maybe even noon. Now, we’re both up at 8AM (she was up way before then), doing responsible things like going to the doctor’s and running to stay fit. It’s puzzling. Life, that is.

So after running a touch under 3 miles, I think I almost passed out. It’s flat in Houston. It’s also humid and extremely hot. I almost started running up and down “the pit” so that I wouldn’t get bored. Fortunately (?), my brain was rational and I took the slow run back home.

Then, I had a nice conversation with my cousin. I’m big on family if you didn’t know, especially a handful of my cousins. Sidebar: I got the sweetest card from one of my cousins. They are always supportive of me. You would think that would be a given, but you’d be surprised. The talk was a sign, the card was a sign- they all point west.

Anddddd I officially bought my plane ticket to California! Ironically, I’m telling the world but I haven’t told my parents. And before you get on my case- I’ve told them about my trip, I just haven’t told them about buying my ticket yet. So haters back off (if you don’t get this MirandaSings reference, get educated).

As I said, today has been eventful. I’m writing this at 1PM, but later I have a dinner date with my bestie! I haven’t seen her since…goodness knows when! I’m stoked. Maybe I’ll update this later…
What I’m doing tomorrow: Helping my mom out at work, maybe that will soften the blow…but probably not. We (my cousins) have concluded that nothing I say will really soften the blow. That’s why I just had to buy my ticket. I’m making a splash in my new chapter of life. I feel incredibly cheesy as I use every post-grad idiom, but whatever I AM a post-grad!
Where I’m going: California, soon. Woof. Anybody got suggestions as to what I should be doing…or the better question- how I’m going to get myself around without a car? I know it’s doable, I know I’m taking a train- but other than that. Help a Texas girl out! Ultimate PTH (peak tanning hours), but don’t worry mom, I’ll wear my sunscreen.
What I’m reading: Unsurprisingly, a lot of blogs. I need to get back on the book wagon, I have Creativity, Inc. to finish.

Making a splash,


thutexas jack quote

circa West Texas 2012

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