Day 14: Home Again

Now I’m back in Houston until the foreseeable future…or until I get my ass on a plane to San Diego.

Notable Notes:

  • I went to a hardware store today, didn’t ask for help, and figured it out. This sounds trivial, and it is, but it’s the small victories. Meanwhile, my mother thinks that I’m a boy because I volunteered to fix the shower. Yeah, her head is in the 1920’s, this is my life.
  • My car his 100,000 miles! I don’t know if I already mentioned this, but whoo hoo Jimothy! We’ve been together for a while, what a milestone.
  • Saw my grandma today at the nursing home. I said hi, she looked at me, and went back to sleep. She gave absolutely 0 eff’s, y’all. She’s my hero.
  • really need to get my airline ticket. They’re increasing in price ever so slowly.
  • Megan and I had a sleepover last night! Love that girl. We fell asleep watching Devil Wears Prada. YEP.

I had a few things to say, but as per usual I’ve forgotten so let’s answer those usual questions:

How I’m feeling today: Mixed feelings. I’ve sorted out most of my things here in Houston, but I feel in-between things.
What I did today: Look at my Notable Notes. It’s actually very notable to mention that Megan and I made an amazing breakfast this morning. Still dreaming about it. Coffee, OJ, spread- the works.
What I want to do tomorrow: Hang out with my Caca!
Where I want to go: Buy my plane ticket, asap. Sometimes I linger, have you noticed? I HATE doing it, but it happens more than I care to admit.
What I’m reading: “When to buy plane tickets” and edible Austin’s Beverage Edition

P.S. I finally remembered one of my ideas for my senior stories, so look out!


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