Day 13: Home and Back

Yesterday I went to Houston from Austin, today I went from Houston to Austin.

And then I will be in Houston tomorrow until my trip. Like I said in my last post, I feel like I’m in a game of battleship and someone has hit my target square. With prayers and confidence, my ship will be repaired before it sinks.

Metaphors, I’m not the best at them but just go with it.

Back in Austin, but I feel different. I knew coming in, I was coming in as a visitor. I’m going to think about this for the better part of the night. Tomorrow I go back to where I haven’t gotten to call a home and make it one…until I depart once again.

Whilst in Austin, I finally went to the 360 Outlook. Yes, yes I know what you’re thinking (“YOU HAVEN’T BEEN?!”). Not until today. It’s beautiful. Mosquito-ridden, but beautiful. Because of the storms and such, half the sky was dark, while the other half remained bright and fluffy.

360 outlook thutexas

There isn’t much to say, I don’t have much to say.


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