Day 12: Moving Out and Battleship

The first bit of my blog will be about the obvious (moving out), the second bit…needs a bit of explanation.

Today I moved out of my apartment. I lived there for the better part of my college career.
Many people passed through the doors of 103, it felt weird to leave. I’ll be back tomorrow, and maybe the near future. The city, not the apartment. Oh man, I hope so. After 4 years, Austin has/will always be home to me.

How do I feel: I feel all of the feels. Moving out makes me frustrated (physically) and upset (emotionally). Attachments  and boxes are heavy…or something.
What did I do today: Move out. Drive through monsoons. Unpack. Went to my parent’s work. Unpack. Plan. Think. Watch TV on an actual TV.
What I’ll do tomorrow: Go back to ATX to get the rest of my things, sleep over with Megs, who knows! It’s dollar beer night.

Switching gears a little bit, according to the game Battleship, when your opponent guesses a target square and hits your battleship you say, “you sank my battleship!”

Well, today my parents hit a target square of mine. I just want to make a note that I don’t my parents are my opponents…only sometimes. Y’all know what I mean, go with the analogy here. I told them about my trip, and it’s no surprise they weren’t gung-ho about it. Mom knew about it, but maybe dad got a whiff of the idea. Just to let y’all know, I’m still going. There isn’t a need for justification, but apparently. I already bought my pack and the next step is buying my ticket. This is just how I feel and I thought I would disclose it. This is the journey, and it’s important to know- it’s not perfect.

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