Day 10: Reunions are

I’ll leave the title of my blog post unfinished because there are a lot words that could say.

Reunions are…
…shocking (sometimes)
…booze-filled (sometimes, usually)

I went as a plus-one to a wedding on Day 10. I’m saying Day 10 because I’m actually posting this on Day 11. SORRY. I was a little busy…at the bar/reminiscing about how I knew so-and-so from such-and-that. And on that note, I want to say that the wedding was beautiful. Everything. The wedding party, the decorations, the singing, the food. I love going to weddings. I learned how to two-step, which is something I didn’t think I was ever going to say. It was so much fun, I also love being a plus-one. It’s definitely wedding season.

Speaking of reunions, I had my fair share of talking to people. They asked me if I graduated, what I’m doing, if I had a job, etc. The usual. I proudly said that yes, I am graduated, I don’t know what I’m doing, and I don’t have a job. And I didn’t even have an anxiety attack! This is a big step right?

What do I plan on doing tomorrow: Well Day 11 is already here, wait 30 minutes and look at my next post.


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