Day 8: FEELING Lazy

You know when you do everything on your list, but you’re inside your house so you feel like you did nothing at all?
That was me today.

How I’m feeling today: Lazy. Because today was the first day of the week that I didn’t leave the house. It feels like summer. I never thought I would get a summer, but I’ve realized that nothing is ever what we think (woah, vague much?).
What I’m doing today: It starts with coffee, as per usual. I got rid of more things, took down more things, and cleaned more things. My bed is currently out of place because I needed to vacuum. Here’s something I always knew, but never said aloud: the wood at this apartment is crappy (and dusty). Another thing, I’ve got three lamps, which is two lamps too many.

I’m almost done with You Are A Badass, except I’m falling off the speed-reading bandwagon, I’m determined to finish it tonight as I have no plans. Whoo my Friday night is sooOoOOo exciting. Today I read a good part and I’ll post it below.

What I plan on doing tomorrow: Maybe going somewhere to get coffee, maybe I’ll write a post and answer a prompt somewhere that isn’t my apartment. I need a change of scenery…because all of my wall inspiration has been packed up.
Where I want to go: Coffee shop, an open bar (coming soon!), and actually…maybe…home. I’m just getting restless, awaiting/planning my next adventure.
What I’m reading: “All About Domains” a la WordPress. Who knows what I should do about registering my domain? That’s really making it permanent, do I REALLY want to register “thutexas?”


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