Day 7: The 7th Annual Hot Tamale Day

(I’m jammin with jams + ice cream, it’s great.)

Today is Hot Tamale Day!! …and I’m 150 miles away from my co-celebrator/co-founder of this wonderful holiday.

How I’m feeling today: Great! Because today is a great holiday. 
What I’m doing today: I ran today and my knees have been aching since I got back! Maybe I need to do more squats? I always have this problem… I was able to go to coffee and brekky with my roommate. It’s probably the last time we spend a coffee date together in awhile, so I was temporarily sad. We had a good talk though. Life…and more life.

Today is HOT TAMALE DAY! Our SEVENTH annual. Seven years ago, I made up this crazy holiday with my best friend. Someone brought to my attention that we’ve almost known each other for a whole decade. I did the math, Caca and I will be twenty-five years old when that happens. Wut. That calls for friendship tats! …Wait? Who said that? 

If you don’t know what Hot Tamale Day is, you’re missing out (and you’re obviously new because I wrote about it here)! We celebrate friendship and food (our two favorite things next to drinks)! While we do not get to celebrate it together on this day, we will soon when I come home…and I’m excited! I had tacos for lunch and I made turkey burger sliders for dinner! For the first time! I think they turned out great, I’m stuffed.

What I plan on doing tomorrow: Tomorrow is Friday!!!!! But really, since I don’t have a job and I’ve just been preparing to move out, it seems like every day is Friday.
Where I want to go: I said it twice, I’ll say it again- a lakehouse. I need water and the isolation from the interwebz (but don’t worry, I would still blog). 
What I’m reading: Information on trains, still. Amtrak, your website is confusing. Tell me where I need to go!  

P.S., [Sadia] and I have been coming up with daily prompts, so in addition to my questions, I should be answering a prompt from here to there. Cheers to new challenges!

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