Day 5: Constantly-Changing Plans

Constantly-changing plans is something I’m going to have to get used to…because they are constantly changing.
I feel like a huge suck to my friends as I cannot make commitments and I feel like a suck to my parents because they probably see me as a chicken with its head chopped off.

How I’m feeling today: Still overwhelmed, but taking charge of my life…or something. I’m giving myself deadlines. That sounds incredibly self-helpesque, but that’s what happens when you read a self-help book. 
What I’m doing today: Woke up earlier today, made coffee. Tried to figure out a plan for myself. Currently, it’s moving home to the HOU, possibly spend time in Dallas, then California. H o p e f u l l y. Nothing is set in stone, but this is my current plan as of now and the next 24 hours (until something comes up). So I’ve been cleaning more guck out and I’ve been packing more things (hence my thumbnail is a picture of boxes). Back to what I have been doing today…I watched some shows and then I went to Zilker Park to meet up with a friend. We talked about life and things. Last destination (outside of my apartment) was Waterloo Records where I exchanged one vinyl for another. Maybe I’ll include a picture. People like visual things. 
What I plan on doing tomorrow: Packing more, if I can. Meditating. Doing some sort of exercise. Apply to some more jobs. Maybe send more e-mails. Maybe I’ll sulk. Maybe both. 
Where I want to go: To a lakehouse, which is something that might be possible this weekend. If not, I guess a place for tacos. I need tacos. If there’s some place that I could do both…or be at a beach, that’d be nice. 
What I’m reading: More You are a Badass. It’s about money. I need to write a letter to money (as if it’s a person). Maybe I’ll write that as a blog tomorrow. 

I’m also reading (Isaiah 58:9):

Then you will call, & the Lord will answer; you will cry for help & He will say: Here Am I.

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