Day 3: Sun Exhaustion

I almost forgot about writing today and it’s only day 3. Why did I commit to this? Something about committing to something.

How I’m feeling today: Stuffed- from my first visit to Waffle House. Sunsick- Because yesterday we were in the sun, today we were in the sun and I was wearing pants. Big mistake. Emotional- My brother left and I cried in the alleyway of my apartment. He also left with my bicycle, Newman, so that made it extra sad. 
What I’m doing today: As I said, I went to Waffle House for the first time. It was good. That waffle- yeah, I know what I’m getting next time. Yeah, there’s going to be a next time. Then, we went to Zilker and I basically melted. Aside from that, I played part-time photographer. While my siblings did fancy yoga poses, I took pictures of them. I finally gave up on the sun, sat in the shade, and read more of the self-help book, You Are A Badass. My brother and I had P. Terry’s for lunch and we roamed around Central Market as he thought about what he needed before he left the city. And I mentioned it already, he left. I cried. blah blah blah I’m a ball of emotions. I should be going to church soon, and it’s much needed because I feel really lost. 
What I plan on doing tomorrow:I have no idea. My car needs to get inspected, but I want to stay inside and hibernate for 24 hours. Too much sun. 
Where I want to go: Somewhere in the right direction? I have no idea where that is, can someone get me a map? 
What I’m reading: You Are A Badass, I’m at the part where she talks about money. I’m also reading a lot of iMessages. 

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