Day 2: No water needed, just love.


Writing this from my phone and I have to say…I don’t like it. I’m hoping that I can write the rest of my blogs on a computer, or find the good in writing a blog on my phone. Technology.
How I’m feeling today: Graduating feels surreal. I feel extremely lucky to be around such loving a caring parents, family, and friends. I also feel overwhelmed because people got me presents and I didn’t ask for any! No one had to get me presents or flowers or cards- damn you people. Also, loveeee youuuu. 🙂
What I’m doing today:Woke up and went to what became a graduation brunch. Potatoes, bacon, and all. It was divine. Plus, I received presents (and played with a dog)! So unexpected, and so much love. Then, we moseyed down to the Greenbelt to wade in the water and drink some brews. I think I turned a shade darker. Also, everyone was at the Greenbelt.
What I plan on doing tomorrow:I have no idea. Church, most definitely. The rest of the day is up the air. Some things have changed in my living situation so I need to sort that out.
Where I want to go: Currently, somewhere to eat because I am starving.
What I’m reading: The sweetest of notes from some wonderful people.

On to the next day (even though the night has not begun),

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