Day 1: Wait, what?

The world is your oyster

Today is the first day of the rest of your life

This is the beginning of the next chapter

…and so it goes

As per inspired by Jaime (who will be documenting her 50 days of post-grad with video), I am committing myself to blogging everyday for 50 days post-graduation.

Today marks Day 1. I’m writing this today, how I’m feeling today, what I’m doing today, and what I plan on doing tomorrow. Isn’t that what a blog used to be for? (or live journal or xanga or whatever…now blogs are all editorial and planned) Some days might be boring, some days might be exciting.

Fact: I don’t think I’ve blogged everyday for longer than a week.

How I’m feeling today: Nervous, very emotional, anxious, happy, excited, and lucky.
What I’m doing today: I made coffee. I cleaned. I brushed my hair. I’m walking across a stage at 3:30pm and becoming an official Texas Ex. I’m going to eat dinner with my family and laugh with them. I might cry, who knows? I’m waiting for an e-mail from a recruiter. I’m going to celebrate because I’m graduating from the best university in the world! (Hook ’em!)
What I plan on doing tomorrow: Continuing the celebration, it’s the weekend! I’ll be making coffee or going somewhere to drink some. I’ll be eating and feeling content. In the presence of my friends and family, I will be grateful…and maybe I’ll read a little.
Where I want to go: Anywhere but here (like the Hilary Duff song) OR a body of water
What I’m reading: You Are A Badass by Jen Sincero

Day 1. Are you ready? I’m not.

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