Memory Box Mementos

gold33This is my memory box. It’s not very big, but it’s kept a lot of things important to me from the past year. I received it on my 21st birthday and since that day, I’ve been collecting mementos.
I was notorious for saying, “I need that, I need it for my memory box.”

Here are some of the things in my memory box:

  • Texas Longhorn lollipop I bought from Central Market one day because we won a game.
  • Wristbands from ACL 2013, SXSW 2013, and Raw Paw. I was SO close to seeing Justin Timberlake, got a black eye from Macklemore & Ryan Lewis, met Bastille, saw Dan Croll perform, fell in love with Lucius, etc etc etc.
  • American Flag bandana that I took from Cain & Abel’s on a game day. It was from someone’s bachelor party and not my first Texas Tea.
  • A plastic giraffe drink stirrer from a restaurant in Florida. We named him Geoffrey. Peak Tanning Hours all day, every day.
  • Receipts, matchboxes, menus from NO VA, Perla’s and Qui. These were the bougiest parts of my box.
  • Pens on pens on pens from restaurants, bars, and house parties. I can’t help myself from taking them, ask Caroline (or anyone really).
  • A cut up “Exit” sign from a bar in Dallas. The yuppie part of Dallas. I learned that Dallas is not Austin.

This is just a thin slice of the pie that was my 21st-Year Memory Box, I took a lot of mementos.

I’m planning to get another one for my 22nd year with a theme this time: gold. I’m naming it my “golden year.” My memory box, similar to my life, will be bigger, better, and golden.

Thank you to those who knew about me, my memory box [and slight kleptomania], you helped make it memorable. Help me make this year a golden year, accepting gold coins…and gold everything. Cheers to 22!

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