Blog News: New year, new name.

thu texas blog newsYou could all say it started with Friday Night Lights, but even before that [life-changing] TV show, I’ve always been a Texas girl.

I was born in Texas, I go to Texas (the University of Texas), and I love Texas.
There are buckets of reasons why I love this state, but it’s mostly the city that I have been privileged to call home for the past four years: Austin, TX.

My previous blog name was a mouthful and I knew ushering into the new year, I needed a change. Thus began the brainstorming for the last several months. Branding/rebranding/naming is hard. I don’t know how companies come up with their names with the incredible stories behind it; it is truly astounding. I have been stumped and fickle when it has come to my blog name. The blog itself does not narrow with niche topics, and I think I know why. I’m no expert in one or three topics, but I am a lifelong learner with a curiosity that runs as deep as a well.

With all of this in mind, I first thought to rebranding my blog as “Red, White, & Thu.” That name lingered for a while. My name has always been something that people remembered and so including my name was a mandatory. If you have met me in person, I think you can agree.

Again, I thought this was a mouthful. I don’t know why I’m so caught up with these long, three-worded titles. At the same time, I think to myself, “How are people limiting themselves to just two words?” Back to the drawing board…or I guess in my story, to church.

Yes, I came up with “thu, tx” in church, when I probably should have been thinking about how I am a sinner, etc etc etc. I have heard that when people attend church, their minds become more clear. Well, my mind was clear…and then an idea popped in my brain and “Thu, Texas” was born.

Thu, Texas is an ode to the Lone Star state and a window into how I want live my life: local and weird.

Welcome to Thu, Texas. Population: Me.

And after you read allllll of this, you can read the short version here.

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