Sidebar: I need to apologize to some people

It recently came to my attention that I am overwhelming my friends and family with information and content. …Okay, so maybe this isn’t something that I didn’t already know, but I wasn’t aware that it was overwhelming them to the point that a lot of the information was getting brushed over (aka everything I sent them was getting ignored). AKA CLUTTER, which is actually a nightmare of mine. Ironically, I work in an industry where “clutter” is the word that is associated with it.


Here’s the thing: I read a lot. I read at work and read for work. I read at home. I read when I’m bored. I read for pleasure. I even wrote a post about reading a lot. I guess what I’m saying is that I’m failing at what I said I would try to do in that post. I said I would try to stop, or to reduce the reading, and try to take in my environment instead. But here’s also the thing: I can’t stop. I read and I read and then I have to share it immediately. “Knowledge is power” is something I take to heart. I don’t like to be wrong and I am admittedly competitive when it comes to information and “being in the know”. Michael knows this. Sandy knows this. Tommy is the one who pointed it out this past weekend, so I’m apologizing via blog post. I’m sorry everyone who receives my messages that include 3+ links/day! I know it’s overwhelming and it looks like I have a lot of time on my hands. I’ll try and aggregate the best one’s and compile them into a newsletter or something…please let me know when I’m overwhelming you because I will subconsciously keep sending you links.

I have had a hard time accepting the fact that I can’t know everything. It’s a harsh reality that Sandy shed light on and I am in denial of that reality. I obviously haven’t found a solution because months since that post, I haven’t changed that habit much. It has also escalated because it’s the summer and academics don’t take over my life. How does one stop…caring? Is that the word to use? Or is the word “stop”? I like knowing things all of the time.

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  1. davidconfidential said:

    That pic is kinda like World War Z with books

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