Fact: I participated in SXSW 2013 and I got a black eye

Let me explain.


So there’s that.

SxSW is finally over, but it ended early for this girl (sort of). While my brother and everyone else in Austin were all hitting up the open bars, free grub and celebrity sightings, I was at home Thursday icing my eye. It’s a good chance many of you are recovering from Sx, I still am, but I thought I might take some time to reflect so that when I go back and look, I can remember because even at this point, I’m struggling (all the days just smush together after a point).
Here is my open letter to the festival:

Dear SxSW2013,

You’ve actually been really good to me. I got to go to industry parties, enjoy open bars, eat free food and have access to unlimited Doritos. But what I love about you best is that I got to see almost 30 shows in the span of a week, a  record of 11 shows in 1 day. I love the fact that I can smoke people on my bike to get to a venue and I never had to wait in a line for a venue for more than 10 minutes.** Thank you for holding this festival in the best city possible, Austin, TX, and finally, I will be able to enjoy food at regular prices.
It’s been nice sleeping and taking days off though. The battery in my iPhone is still at 90% at the end of the day instead of noon. It feels like a month has passed, it feels like summer, and that makes my mind reluctant to go back to ‘school mode’. Funny, despite this black eye and my post-traumatic-anxiety I felt, I left the house on Saturday to 1) get the last of free drinks 2) get so so very close to seeing Justin Timberlake perform [I have Jaime to thank for that]. ‘Memorable’ would be the appropriate word to use this SX. I’ll be counting down the days until next year.

Sincerely Yours,

p.s. Is there some way you could work out a better line situation? I’ve never seen lines like that, ever.
p.p.s. I love you
p.p.p.s. Thank you for letting me cross “Getting photographed for street style” off my bucket list. That was cool.


**Fact: Get a bike, don’t be a delinquent, it’s really the best way to get around during South by.

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