Fact: Social media is a blessing wrapped in a nightmare | Pt. 1

If you’ve spoken to me, you know how I feel about social media. Long story, short: I love it and hate it, simultaneously. I use it routinely and on weird occasions, social media like Twitter has blessed me with some pretty wonderful opportunities. Today is the day I share one of them.

Everyday, I do my daily read-through on the TwitterFeed. I follow a variety of users: my friends, ad agencies, Disney job listings, music artists, local restaurants, etc. One website I follow is Do512, they collect and compile events happening in Austin so locals and non-locals know what’s going on in our city each day. On one fine afternoon early March, I saw a tweet from Do512 calling for anyone who wanted to work during SXSW with a company called Warby Parker. To me, I thought the universe was trying to send me a sign because it seemed like the universe knew what I was thinking. I adore Warby Parker as a company and to work alongside people who work for them during SXSW (and get paid while doing so)- where do I sign?

I had such a wonderful and bizarre experience the couple of days I worked. From the people I met on the WP team to the other brand ambassadors to the bands who played at the event, who would’ve thought it was due to a Twitter posting? For some of the other brand ambassadors, it was just a temporary gig, but I saw it a bit differently. I came out with more knowledge about glasses than I’d ever thought, I discovered bands I have become obsessed with (*cough* HAIM *cough*), and I made a friend who is amazing and so inspiring. If anyone from Warby Parker is reading this, y’all are wonderful, I hope our paths cross again.

Twitter: A blessing wrapped in a nightmare.

This was my uniform for 3 days. We had hats you guys.

Sidebar: If you need awesome spectacles (or polarized sunglasses for a price of $95), get yourself over to warbyparker.com. And if you get some or are thinking about it, tell me which frames you got, I’d love to know!

Also: On my way to work, I passed by Franklin’s BBQ and I saw Anthony Bourdain filming for a “No Reservations” episode about Austin [which will aired on September 3 apart of his last season, *cry*]. I screamed in my car for a good 20 seconds and it was fantastic. Just saying, I wouldn’t have drove pass if I wasn’t working at SXSW…

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