Sidebar: I have a twin


I know, I know, I’ve been holding off this secret for quite a while. This is Sandy, my twin.
She’s the older one. In fact, she’s older than me by four years.
Okay, so she’s not my actual twin but we are definitely related by blood, apparent looks, and mannerisms. Since we were kids, I have been called “Sandy”, “Sandy 2.0”, “Sandy’s twin”, etc (we weren’t that creative with the twin names but you get the point). And as a kid, I didn’t know how to feel, Sandy was my only other girl cousin in our cousin cluster and so of course I wanted to hang out with her all of the time. When we grew into our adolescent stage and I was still mistaken for Sandy, I started to grow restless. “When would they stop?” I’d ask myself. I would get defensive and upset because of it too. Something about being an individual and there wasn’t any way I was similar to Sandy. I’m not a “Sandy Follower” (but really, we all were, we all still are).

Fast forward to present time, people still think Sandy and I look like twins. I feel like she’s got the better end of the stick considering she’s older than me but looks younger than she is (not because she’s old but… you know what I mean). But at the same time, I’ve come to realize how flattering it is to be mistaken for my cousin, for people to think we act the same. She’s talented, intelligent, fashionable, and is so beautiful! (I guess this is my Ode to Sandy, love you!)

Besides, it’s impossible to be so similar even if we were twins. Even twins have differences, no?

Side Sidebar: Reason #45 Sandy is awesome: She started an Apple-A-Day Club at her work. I’ve joined the club 1,700 miles away and you should join me too.

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