Fact: My brother is a monster

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In honor of my brother’s upcoming birthday, I’m dedicating a blog post to him. This may become a thing on my blog so watch out close one’s, you might be next.

If you’ve met me, I know that you have probably heard me tell a Tommy story…or five, all in the same day. For those of you who haven’t met me, here it goes: I really love my brother. He’s a monster in the best way put.

He’s a monster because he has 3 bikes…okay, I realize this doesn’t make him a monster but isn’t it monstrous that he has 3 bikes?
He’s a monster because he “stands up and smashes hills” when he bikes. Humans cannot do some of the things I’ve seen my brother do. For example, getting into a bicycle accident and after a week [or was it two?] of rest and then doing the BPMS150 or coming back from 6th St. and making a crêpe batter successfully.
And he must be a monster because of he has an abnormally large heart. So full of love…and goof.

A lot of people ask me, “You guys are really close, how did y’all get that way?”
To tell you the truth, I don’t know. It could be music that brought us together, if it wasn’t for him, I might associate ACL with anterior cruciate ligament instead of Austin City Limits. It could be food, but food brings everyone together. Although, I may have never discovered the beauty of a fried egg atop almost everything. It could be the moment when my brother left for college and something clicked for me. (There was once a time where my brother and I did not get along, whhaat?) I look back and try to see if I can remember the exact moment when it “clicked” but it comes up a blur. All I know is that I’m okay with not knowing and I hope everyone has the kind of relationship my brother and I have. I tell my friends that this brother-sister-ship takes time, but it will most likely take food.

This is an ode to me ‘ole brother, you give me the greatest quotes (“We’re going to take this speed bump like a man”) and you’re my biggest motivator. Happy [early] birthday you monster.


  1. Minh Hong said:

    He is also a beast because he was at one point ranked in the nation for PvP in WoW. Most notable was his famous quote “f***ed that pally up”

  2. Love this! And yes, your brother is pretty awesome 😀

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