Also: Sometimes I listen to music and pretend I’m in a music video


Circa 2007

This happens quite often actually. It can be pretty hazardous as this makes my mind wander, not paying attention at what or who is in front of me. Unfortunately, cars, cyclists, and focused pedestrians are unforgiving (speaking from experience as all of the above; look back at this post).

It’s that thing when I have my ear phones in/on and my mind temporarily steps into another world. It may look exactly like where I’m walking, as if the earth developed speakers. It may affect the way I walk: adding a bounce to my step, a gloom cloud that follows my path, a swaying affect that I can’t help but move to. Sometimes I think I’m in a movie montage, sometimes I think there will be back-up dancers, sometimes I think I can fly so I spread my arms out and just wave them around like an airplane. I do the latter a lot.

While there is that saying “dance like nobody is watching”, by coincidence, or God’s humor, I make dance motions in very public places. For example, while turning a corner, dancing, and running into another student, literally. Ask Caroline, she knows. Thinking about it now, I guess I didn’t think anyone was watching at the time so I decided a jump was in order to the song I was dancing to. It was kind of awkward for the other girl. But there was a time or twenty where I definitely danced at a crosswalk and the girl standing there definitely looked at me like I was crazy. Oh well. Dance like nobody is watching, but if there are people watching, never deny yourself when you feel like your in your own music video.

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