Fact: I’m in love with my Media group

When Lisa (our professor) announced that we would be working in teams of 7 people on a semester-long project, I thought, “Balls.” I didn’t know anyone well in that class, I like to work alone, and for a whole semester? It’s like, can we go on a date before we go into this commitment? So here we are, a semester later, a bunch of misfits, and I adore each of them.
From writing flights to deciding on a target market to reviewing the 27-page book that we looked over 20 times to the stress-relieving-screaming rehearsal-we did it and we did it together. I sound like such a sap but it’s not often you find a group that works so harmoniously. Often you find the total opposite where you feel like you’re doing a lot of the work and everyone else is floating but not my case. (Maybe there is hope in group work after all.) I hope I’m lucky enough to work with a group like this in the future…in the real world (woah). If the real world is anything like this, I’m okay with that. I like pie.

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