Fact: I am obsessed with Beyonce and Jay-Z

Power couple

There was a time in 8th grade speech class when we had to talk about our role model and for me…it was Beyonce Giselle Knowles.

You have to admit that you were once a part of that time when “Bills, Bills, Bills” or “Bootylicious” or “Survivor” was a song that was played on the radio and you knew all of the lyrics to it.

But for me, there was also a time where I was ashamed to listen to Beyonce. I listened to her in secret and I didn’t want anyone to know. I don’t know why, I guess at that time I thought people wouldn’t want to be my friend if they knew how much I adored Queen B and her song “Crazy In Love”. There was a time that I slammed Jay-Z for being a poor rapper. He wasn’t “comparable” to his relative Wayne Carter a.k.a. Lil Wayne.
“No way, have you heard ‘A Milli’?”

Fast-forward to present-time-me and as you can read from my title, I’m back and I’m not ashamed to tell the world. I’m not afraid to tell you that I listen to “Countdown” and try to emulate her dance moves. I’m not afraid to tell you I know that B’s birthday is September 4th and that I want to read Jay-Z’s book about business called Decoded because let’s get real, they are amazing, inspirational people. Of course I don’t know them personally but look at their accomplishments. They ball so hard (is that the right way to use it?) and they swag out of control. If I can accomplish even 1/8 of one of them, I would feel pretty fulfilled. But I will try for more, I will try and accomplish what Jay-Z has. I’m only $$$$$$$$$$$$ behind but he’s 41, I’m young, and I’ve got time.

Here’s the thing: you can’t be afraid to tell people what you like or . As I always say in my faux-Bronx accent: “So what, who cares? You live your life.” I will forever love Beyonce, Jay-Z, and Coldplay and tell people without shame. I’m learning to stop being afraid because what’s the point?

As Bob Goff, one of my heroes, simply puts it, “When you stop being afraid, you start doin’ stuff.”

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