Sidebar: This is food for my own thoughts (but I’m willing to share)

Sitting here next to my phone and watching Spongebob on my computer makes me wonder what college students did before cell phones, laptops, instant video, and the like. Even with some of these things, 20 years ago, one student would not have all of these outlets available to them- everything cost too much. But here we are, here I am, with all of them less than 10 feet away from me. I wonder if they studied all of the time to occupy that space. Or did they go to each other’s houses and do acid? Honestly, I didn’t really think about it until now. You can’t text your friend about who did what and go over to their house and creep on someone’s Facebook profile- none of those things existed until recent.

And it seems that now we can’t unplug. If you want to talk to someone, you must contact them through some sort of device. You can’t just waddle over to their apartment because it’s uncalled for and unheard of. Did they read books with each other? Did they dream with each other? Did they try to create something like a TV? I want to know and part of me wishes that I could emulate whatever they did 20 years ago. Instead of being confined to my device(s), to have to seek pleasure in other ways and in other people.

What an odd world we live in now. There must be another world where this exists. (I use the word “world” loosely and up to interpretation) I miss fresh air.

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  1. Sandy said:

    Remember when we were little and used to play “runaway?” Yeah, we did stuff like that pre-Internet. Heck, I still do stuff like that…

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