Sidebar: This post isn’t really a “sidebar”

It’s worth a lot more than that but I can’t figure out a good title.
Here are some that I came up with…
Fact: This same time a year ago were the best days of 2011/my life?
Fact: I was embraced by people I had never met with such loving arms and hearts?
Fact: My mind was blown every single hour of those four days listening to incredible speakers and peers?
Fact: I met one of my favorite people in real person for the first time? (I’m saving this for a special post)
Fact: I got closer to people who I already knew that I didn’t think was possible?
Fact: I was in beautiful, sunny, 70-something degree San Diego, California and I never wanted to leave?
Fact: I was surrounded by some of the most talented, inspirational, wonderful, and kind people ever?
Fact: I learned a lot about myself and about an organization that I’ve admired for more than 5 years?
Fact: I got to reunite with a roadie who I never thought I’d see again? (Yes, Lindy, you!)
Fact: I’ve never taken such frantic notes while trying to savor it all?
Fact: My mentor was/is the best and continues to inspire me?
Fact: I could do it all over again?

Fact: All of the above. 

There are too many words I could say about my time at the Fourth Estate conference in San Diego, CA. (I already feel like I’ve word-vomitted too much on this post) There are still many emotions that run in my veins when I hear “tenacious hope” or “don’t sit on your ‘but'” or “bastille” or “puddle of tears”. I was so blessed to be apart of such a monumental movement and it happened right before my eyes. I have so much love and respect for everyone at the Fourth Estate. As I look at my name-badge, I can see flashes of moments going through my head. First, lost and confusion after getting dropped off then sudden welcome. Oh, here’s a tote bag with really awesome books. My roommate and floor-mates are awesome? Okay. My group rocks? Thank you. So many moments and all of them filled with such joy.

Thank you again to family, friends, and strangers alike who have supported me over the years and continue to do so.
I love you.

Chills on chills on chills

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