Sidebar: For 5 hours, I was in the Yelp Elite Squad

Yesterday I got an email saying that someone nominated me to become apart of the Yelp Elite Squad.
If you don’t know what that means…honestly, I’m not so sure myself. Something about having more credibility when people read your reviews, getting invited to parties, and helping people find great food. And that’s what I’m all about…or at least a portion of me because I love food. I love it. I love going to great places in great spots that no one ever knows about and eating beautifully prepared dishes and then I like to write about it (to the best of my ability). And I’m not afraid to go to the hyped places either! Sure, some might call me a foodie, sometimes I call myself a foodie but bottom line is: I like to appreciate food. And I won’t discriminate either. For the record, I will and have tried vegan but I love my share of meat and cheese.
That’s not the point of this post. To be apart of the Elite Squad you must be at least 21 years old. Surprise, surprise, I’m not 21 yet. (I will be soon!) But I accidentally pressed the “Join” button thinking there would be some confirmation process I’d have to go through– NOPE. It just told me “Congratulations” and then I got that little icon you see next to my picture there that says “’12 elite”. While I’m thrilled [for those 5 short hours and had to share it with you], I want to be legit when I actually be 21 so I can legitimately say, “MY REVIEWS ARE CREDIBLE”… or something like that.

My blog is supposed to be about life lessons (or something) so here it is: Don’t click things immediately, thinking there would be a confirmation process.
But really, don’t be afraid to put your words out there. I didn’t expect to be nominated at all and I am so excited for whatever comes with that honor (when the time actually comes).

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