Fact: This is my blog and it’s going to get real

First posts are always awkward. How do I know? This isn’t my first time around the blog-block. I’ve dipped my toes in blogger and Tumblr and I thought to myself, “what the heck- I can make a WordPress too.” Also, my blogger turned into a sob story and my Tumblr turned into what Pinterest is now (a place to bookmark hilarious videos, recipes, fashion inspiration…and the occasional sob story).

So what’s the point of this particular blog? I really only have one goal and focus: myself. Does that sound vain? I’m still learning but I think I’ve had the pleasure and displeasure of meeting some people who have taught me interesting life lessons and such- so I thought I could share. Maybe I’ll post something that slap-in-the-face you’ve been looking for. Or maybe you’ll read my post and tell me I need that slap-in-the-face. You decide but I’m ready to put it out there.

The title of my blog is named as such because if you’ve spoken to me, those are big buzz words in my conversational vocabulary. I say “here’s the thing” a lot but adding that to my title doesn’t exactly roll off the tongue easily.

Here we go. Thanks for reading or what we both know you’re doing- skimming.

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